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The renewable energy movement ignores real world problems

The energy revolution has brought conventional utilities to the brink, only to discover that solar and wind power can’t be relied on (FREE)

Communism’s pernicious influence persists despite the best evidence

On the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, some romantics still embrace the fallacies of communism and its sister socialism (FREE)

It’s not easy doing business in Canada

It’s not easy doing business in Canada

We placed a dismal 18th for ease of doing business, even behind such countries as Georgia and Macedonia (FREE)

Gender diversity doesn’t guarantee higher returns

(Troy Media) While gender diversity is a good idea, management should remain focused on how to adapt to new opportunities or potential hazards

Pipeline opponents ignore risk of rail fatalities, contamination

(Troy Media) Those who fight pipelines and shrug at the higher risks of rail transportation are naive at best and deceitful at worst

Crown corporations are the weak link in economic growth

(Troy Media) They lack the discipline of the marketplace and the ambition that comes from a desire to grow and improve to gain profit

Tax reforms will put the brakes on economic growth

(Troy Media) Professionals, farmers and entrepreneurs are paying their fair share; raising their taxes will dampen investment and risk-taking