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Changing attitudes, changing platitudes – again and again

Changing attitudes, changing platitudes – again and again

We’re rather smug in our belief that our modern take on things reflects a perfect and compassionate view for all time (FREE)

How the left has ruined multiculturalism

WORLD (Troy Media) Under the heavy hand of the left, multiculturalism, which was supposed to bind us, is driving us apart

Does modern progressivism have a fatal flaw?

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) The rise of identity politics puts the focus on petty grievances and champions a group’s narrow interests at the expense of the greater good

News anchor in hijab puts substance first

TAUBE (Troy Media) Ginella Massa’s impressive achievement marred only by a small number of offensive comments

A courageous stand against made-up gender pronouns

TAUBE (Troy Media) Individuals and groups cannot simply force a change in speech, language or perception that hasn’t been recognized by the vast majority of society

Identity politics Conservatives’ biggest Achilles’ heel

TORONTO (Troy Media) Kellie Leitch’s decision to enter the lion’s den of identity politics has pushed the Tories into a conversation best avoided