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Comparing investment returns is a tricky task

Each investor is unique in their goals and personal risk tolerance, so their investment portfolio should be customized to their situation

Hidden or visible, you’re paying investment fees

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Be smart, shop around and make sure you’re aware of the total fees you pay and what you’re getting for them

Managing your investments over the short and long terms

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Investors often purchase investments that don’t suit their intended time frame. Do your homework, know your risk tolerance and be clear on your expectations

Debt doesn’t always have to be a four-letter word

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Using debt in your financial planning is a good strategy, but exercise caution and discuss all the risks and rewards with your accountant and planner first

Your financial adviser’s interests may not align with yours

This is part 2 in our series Invest your TFSAs

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Do your homework. Look with a critical eye at your service providers. After all, it is your money

Why don’t Canadian fund managers invest in their own country?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Why do Canadian governments look for investment help abroad? And why won’t Canadian fund managers invest in homegrown projects?

Tax free savings accounts: controlling your financial destiny

This is part 1 in our series Invest your TFSAs

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) The first of a two-part series: too few Canadians know they can use TFSA funds to invest in ventures that could bring big gains (and cost nothing in tax)

Millennials jump haphazardly into world of high finance

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) Their mad dash to buy Snap Inc. stock briefly inflated the price – just enough to allow market predators to profit off their naive investments

B.C. a safer investment bet than developing countries

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) Many people have asked me why anyone would start a business in Vancouver. (Sometimes they ask why B.C. or even Canada.) Why indeed?

How to analyze stocks like a pro

INVESTOR INSIGHT: With some basic knowledge of stock analysis, many investors do a fine job managing their own portfolios

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