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National free-trade opportunity poured down the drain

POLITICS (Troy Media) New deal between the provinces encourages protectionism and allows exemptions to free trade, most notably when it comes to alcohol

Looking for affordable housing? Try Atlantic provinces

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) In an age of bloated house prices in many urban centres, Atlantic Canada’s situation is enviable

Atlantic Canada doesn’t know what real austerity feels like

POLITICS (Troy Media) Spending has risen steadily in the last generation, and anti-austerity activists clearly need to regain their equilibrium

At least Atlantic Canada leads in something

HALIFAX (Troy Media) Unfortunately, it’s sales taxes

Your children will pay the price for the Trudeau government budget

HALIFAX (Troy Media) Borrowing money to fund today’s entitlement programs just kicks the can of repayment down the line

How to save journalism in Canada

HALIFAX (Troy Media) A significant impediment to any new news media model is the taxpayer subsidized CBC which can provide content that only appears to be free

Supply management alive and well under TPP

FREE: Conservatives effectively closed the door on any meaningful revisions to supply management