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Scaling back CEO pay will drive top talent away

Scaling back CEO pay will drive top talent away

Introducing new regulations and taxes to diminish executive pay will ultimately damage the Canadian economy (FREE)

Back to school, back to uncontrolled government spending

(Troy Media) Canadian education spending facts belie misguided perceptions about public school funding

Spending on B.C. public schools up despite dwindling enrolment

(Troy Media) Per-student spending is up, flying in the face of claims that education funding has been slashed or that B.C. schools are starved for resources

Despite overheated claims, Alberta public schools aren’t under-funded

(Troy Media) Even after adjusting for inflation, the government is spending substantially more per student in the province’s public schools than a decade ago

Should equalization really grow forever?

POLITICS (Troy Media) A rule requiring payments to grow – no matter what the circumstances – can only exacerbate regional friction

CPP benefits vary widely depending on when you were born

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) Study shows a marked generational gap in the benefits received

Understanding CPP’s decline in rates of return for retirees

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) It’s critical to consider the rather meagre rates of return offered to most current and future workers in any debate about CPP reform