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Brandon University’s skewed definition of free speech

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Students for Life can have its club status back when its members are ready to embrace the campus-approved views

There is no “right” not to feel offended

CALGARY (Troy Media) The so-called “right” not to feel offended by another’s speech is a toxic cancer that is slowly killing our freedom and our democracy

We must be tolerant, even if we disapprove

CALGARY (Troy Media) Protecting minority views is a cornerstone of an open, free society like ours; failure to do so encourages tyranny

Universities have become giant taxpayer-funded daycare centres

CALGARY (Troy Media) Students are coddled by a new legal ‘right’ not to feel ‘offended’ by challenges to radical feminism and other prevailing orthodoxies

Alberta’s gender guidelines override parents’ right to choose

FREE FOR MARKETPLACE SUBSCRIBERS: Notley government strips parents of the right to “choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children”

Health care in Alberta, and justice denied

FREE: The Alberta Court of Appeal chose to ignore the evidence about Alberta’s long and painful waiting lists

Lawyers shouldn’t complain about what other lawyers say

FREE: Lawyers have as much a right to criticize laws, policies, and court decisions as anyone else

Ontario court repudiates freedom of association

FREE: Ontario’s Superior Court Trinity Western University decision undermines the freedom of every voluntary group

University of Alberta’s spineless defence of free speech

FREE: The U of A selectively upholds the rule of law on campus based on the “popularity” of the cause

Right to “feel comfortable” should not trump Charter rights

FREE: The Law Society of British Columbia advocates ditching Charter freedoms

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