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When political attack ads turn and bite the wrong prey

When political attack ads turn and bite the wrong prey

KINSELLA The Working Families campaign targeting Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown is just plain wrong – and stupid – and that means it will fail ($$)

Ontario electricity prices set to keep rising

Ontario electricity prices set to keep rising

The province pays extraordinary rates to solar, wind and biofuel generators. But the wind doesn’t always blow and the sun doesn’t always shine (FREE)

Ontarian’s in the dark about long-term costs of Fair Hydro Plan

The government is concealing the real financial impact of the rate reduction by understating future deficits and net debt

Trudeau can pull Wynne to victory in Ontario

The last thing the federal Liberals can afford is to sit on the sidelines in Ontario in June. A provincial voter swing could portend federal calamity

Ontario’s free post-secondary initiative deserves to be emulated

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) By making free tuition available to low-income students, Ontario is making a significant investment in its economic future

The case against raising Ontario’s minimum wage

POLITICS (Troy Media) While a higher minimum wage benefits workers, it can be detrimental to small and large businesses

Why Ontario can’t seem to ease its debt burden

POLITICS (Troy Media) Government debt has grown much faster than the economy in recent years, and little change is expected over the next several years

Ontarians pay a high price for power system mess

POLITICS (Troy Media) Years of government mismanagement of the power sector must be corrected or families will continue to suffer

Ontario’s high electricity costs could cripple families

POLITICS (Troy Media) If electricity prices keep rising at their current rate, the trade-offs that families have to make will become increasingly difficult to manage

Ontario government strangling its wineries’ ability to compete

POLITICS/BUSINESS (Troy Media) Likes to talk about its love for local wineries, but giving more shelf space to local vintners at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario would hurt provincial revenues

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