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Truth will triumph – but not without our help

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) As we embrace the truth of humanity’s most horrific actions, hateful lies lose their power, we become enlightened and the path to a better world becomes clear

Laughing in the face of despair and tragedy

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Humour breaks down walls that divide us and builds empathy and understanding. It’s one of the most amazing, enriching aspects of being human

Look for leadership from within when our leaders fail us

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Does government really reflect the soul of its people? Is it okay to take credit for the work of others and refuse responsibility for our own mistakes?

For lasting peace, we need to see beyond our fears

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) If we want true security, we need see beyond our prejudices and invest in global development that promotes justice and progress for all humanity

The secret to happiness and health is to be grateful

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Those who practise gratitude have stronger immune systems, lower blood pressure, greater compassion, more optimism and happiness, and feel more connected

Building digital bridges of tolerance and understanding

CHIDIAC: Good things happen when we can see beyond the viewpoint that we’re convinced is right and take the risk of hearing a perspective we don’t like

The best kind of social medicine in Medicine Hat

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) By eliminating homelessness, the Alberta city has reduced the crime rate, the workload on first responders, hospital emergency visits and pressure on the courts

Investing in children to stop the scourge of extremism

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Through education young people can be made aware of how they’ll be used and exploited by the people who pretend to care for them

Standing firm against a rising tide of anti-Semitism

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) The way to combat these racist abominations is to speak truth, and to speak it persistently in a loud and unified voice

Mindfulness training can help you cope with all life throws at you

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Apple uses it. Google uses it. Deutsche Bank uses it. Even General Mills uses it. So why not you?

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