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Let private enterprise retail cannabis in Nova Scotia

Let private enterprise retail cannabis in Nova Scotia

A private retail model offers more entrepreneurship overall and better distribution, particularly in rural areas (FREE)

Gasoline price-fixing harms Atlantic Canada

POLITICS (Troy Media) Controls were intended to ease consumer anger over rare but large price fluctuations. But government isn’t meant to be an anger management therapist

Minimum wage prices low-skilled workers out of a job

POLITICS (Troy Media) Governments should abolish the fruitless minimum wage if they want to do right by young and low-income persons

Canada 150 a time for reflection and renewed commitment

POLITICS (Troy Media) We have much to be proud of: a multilingual and cosmopolitan democracy, strong international friendships and a generous view of others. But challenges await

Lack of bias an admission of intellectual poverty

HALIFAX (Troy Media) The notion that anyone can be completely unbiased is a benevolent fiction

New Brunswick sinking further into debt

HALIFAX (Troy Media) New Brunswick needs a long-term strategy for growth and a reform of its spending model if it is to reverse course

Healthcare reform needs citizens’ voice

FREE WITH COUPON: Even those who are health literate are stymied because information about the potential benefits and harms of care is difficult to find

Market-based pricing for bandwidth best reflects consumption

FREE WITH COUPON: Pricing based on usage also contributes to conservation, increases availability, ensures sustainable services and fosters innovation

Before outlawing round doorknobs, think of the kids

The vast majority of knobs available tend to be quite dangerous to at-risk children