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Trudeau’s small business tax grab will hit Atlantic Canada hard

(Troy Media) Ottawa’s plan is confiscatory and destructive for a region where everyone already pays far too much in tax

How to manage conflicts over land use in Alberta

FREE: We must first sort through the various types of land ownership before arriving at possible strategies

The folly of protectionism

FREE: Free trade creates many more jobs than it ever kills

Higher wages do not materialize by government fiat

FREE: Want higher wages Ontario? Attract private sector investment

Canadians are very generous to Canada’s Aboriginal people

FREE: A few facts about native funding in Canada

Alberta’s young adults the envy of much of Canada – for now

FREE: But that could change if the NDP government follows through on ideas such as to raise the minimum wage by 50%

Ontario government needs to end its spending bender

EYE ON ONTARIO: Ontario continues to fail to grasp the magnitude of its fiscal challenges

Rent control would be a disaster for investors

EYE ON ALBERTA: Rent control has been a disaster wherever it’s been tried, but that’s never stopped politicians from suggesting it

Facts the new Alberta government needs to know to write its first budget

EYE ON ALBERTA: Unless, of course, its guiding principle is simply to tax and spend with abandon

The provinces are lousy at controlling spending

POLITICS: Provincial cries for more federal money are as old as Confederation, and rarely have any substance to them. After all, it’s easier to demand that Ottawa ante up federal cash – to cry about some mythical “fiscal imbalance” – rather than examine how provinces already spend taxpayer money. It’s also easier than raising provincial taxes and risking local taxpayer ire when people think such tax hikes unjustified

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