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A smart road map to lower carbon emissions? Look to Texas, of all places

Texas switched from coal to natural gas and dramatically cut carbon emissions. Why doesn’t Canada follow its example? (FREE)

Ontario’s wrong-headed energy policy burns 75,000 jobs

Ontario’s wrong-headed energy policy burns 75,000 jobs

The province’s manufacturing sector may find itself even less competitive soon due to developments in the United States (FREE)

Trudeau’s small business tax grab will hit Atlantic Canada hard

(Troy Media) Ottawa’s plan is confiscatory and destructive for a region where everyone already pays far too much in tax

How to manage conflicts over land use in Alberta

FREE: We must first sort through the various types of land ownership before arriving at possible strategies

The folly of protectionism

FREE: Free trade creates many more jobs than it ever kills

Higher wages do not materialize by government fiat

FREE: Want higher wages Ontario? Attract private sector investment

Canadians are very generous to Canada’s Aboriginal people

FREE: A few facts about native funding in Canada

Alberta’s young adults the envy of much of Canada – for now

FREE: But that could change if the NDP government follows through on ideas such as to raise the minimum wage by 50%

Ontario government needs to end its spending bender

EYE ON ONTARIO: Ontario continues to fail to grasp the magnitude of its fiscal challenges

Rent control would be a disaster for investors

EYE ON ALBERTA: Rent control has been a disaster wherever it’s been tried, but that’s never stopped politicians from suggesting it

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