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Content knowledge is the foundation of quality education

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Content-rich instruction is key to reading comprehension and critical thinking, and it empowers disadvantaged students

Let student enrolment determine teacher hires

EDUCATION: Proponents of hiring more teachers to lower teacher-student ratios often argue that their proposal will lead to better student achievement. This is dubious

Memorization, practise and critical thinking go hand-in-hand

HALIFAX (Troy Media) It’s unreasonable to assume that students can practise critical thinking without first acquiring substantial background knowledge

Good teachers matter more than small class size

HALIFAX (Troy Media) Reducing class sizes is a costly initiative with little payback

Meaningless education fads have got to go

HALIFAX (Troy Media) Schools need to instead focus on producing a coherent curriculum, sound lessons and purposeful reading and writing in every discipline

Distractions are sometimes good for learning

FREE WITH COUPON: Even interruptions may not be as bad as previously thought