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NAFTA’s demise would force agri-food sector to adapt

(Troy Media) Blame Washington all you want for the NAFTA impasse, but Canada has not demonstrated it wants to liberalize its trading position either

Trudeau’s betrayal of Mexico smells of desperation

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Trudeau’s betrayal makes Canadians look like they will turn on their allies, even after they repeatedly said they never would

NAFTA assault may force Canada to spread its wings

FIRBY (Troy Media) The ongoing Trump follies may force us to become a more independent country

Trump pulling Canada into a NAFTA quagmire

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) Canada should not fall into the trap of believing that traditional Canadian-U.S. goodwill will prevail with the president

NAFTA negotiations: Canada has it backwards on worker choice

(Troy Media) Worker choice laws encourage unions to be more accountable to their members, and contribute to a stronger economy and labour market

Why Trump’s perspective on trade with Canada is unbalanced

(Troy Media) Canada is the U.S’s best customer. Per capita, Canadians buy $7,723.89 in American goods every year, while Americans buy $913.65 from us

Thinking the unthinkable on NAFTA

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) The bottom line is, either we stand up and defend our rights or we’ll simply have traded one colonial master for another

Canada should accept increased competition under new NAFTA

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) The U.S. administration is actually acting as a champion of the Canadian consumer

NAFTA renegotiation is a failure of education

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Trade enhances productivity, improves real wages and grows economies, but not enough people know how or why

Days of supply management may finally be coming to an end

And if they are, Canadian consumers with have NAFTA 2.0 and Donald Trump to thank for the decrease in the price of dairy products

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