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Opening the doors to innovative young Canadians

EDUCATION (Troy Media) The federal $221-million investment in work‑integrated learning placements for post-secondary students and graduates must include colleges and polytechnics

We need to broaden our focus as we push for innovation

EDUCATION (Troy Media) innovation in canadaAn inclusive talent strategy for innovation must include polytechnics and colleges – to produce skilled workers who can carry out, and scale up, concepts

Building a clean, green and smart Canada

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Canada’s polytechnic institutions are developing the talent to drive the nation’s dramatic next-generation infrastructure expansion program

On the cutting edge of Canada’s economic future

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Don’t leave the skilled trades out of Canada’s innovation conversation. High-tech isn’t just about apps – it’s also about developing apprentices

Stop trying to grow the economy on a hunch

POLITICS (Troy Media) As the government sets about designing a new innovation agenda, the case for evidence-based decision-making in innovation policy is urgent