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New Brunswick’s tax strategy drains the economy

Taxing the rich too much simply drives down economic activity, and pushes the tax burden to mid- and low-income earners (FREE)

Lowering costs, not raising wages, key to helping low-income earners

POLITICS (Troy Media) Remove trade barriers, end supply management and reduce payroll taxes – don’t hike minimum wages – if you really want to address income discrepancies in Canada

City-bound: the changing face of New Brunswick

POLITICS (Troy Media) As population declines outside of the province’s big three centres continues, it should force a rethink on how to nurture growth in rural areas

High-tax postwar era no model for today’s public policy

POLITICS (Troy Media) In a time of technological advancement, freer trade and sharply diminished world poverty, turning back the clock on economic policy would be fatalistic

New Brunswick must address its spending addiction

POLITICS (Troy Media) To maintain its high spending levels, the province has the highest income tax rates in North America and the highest sales tax rates in Canada