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Link national housing strategy to health accord

POLITICS (Troy Media) Governments should tax aging Canadians based on the wealth in their homes to make sure they pay their fair share for medical care

Ontario budget doesn’t help Generation Squeeze enough

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) The gap between spending on seniors and younger Ontarians is still too large

B.C. drunk on high housing prices

VANCOUVER (Troy Media) Budget downplays massive unaffordability problem for Gens X, Y and their children

NB budget fails to recognize young people being left behind

FREE: Premier postpones making decisions affecting seniors while cutting $7 million from post-secondary budget

Is a better deal for Generation Squeeze possible under Trudeau?

FREE: As a member of Generation Squeeze, Prime Minister-designated Justin Trudeau represents a new generation of Canadian leaders

Government shouldn’t pit seniors against Generation Squeeze

FREE: The federal government spends nearly $21,000 annually per retiree compared to $4,350 per person for Generation Squeeze

How the parties propose to help young Canadians save for retirement

FREE: By focusing only on adapting CPP and QPP policy, we risk tightening the squeeze being felt by young Canadians

Fact Check: How the parties would meet the housing needs of Canadians

FREE: What the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Greens say they would do if elected

Fact Check: Where the parties stand on health care

FREE: Research indicates Canada must contain the growth of medical care spending, and only the Conservatives seem willing to do so

Underfunding child care comes with a heavy toll

FREE: What we do about it depends on how we interpret a new study from the University of British Columbia

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