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Comparing investment returns is a tricky task

Each investor is unique in their goals and personal risk tolerance, so their investment portfolio should be customized to their situation

Hidden or visible, you’re paying investment fees

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Be smart, shop around and make sure you’re aware of the total fees you pay and what you’re getting for them

Concerns over household debt in Canada are overblown

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The drop in interest rates has been so significant that the interest burden of servicing debt has declined as a share of income, despite growing household debt

Protect yourself from financial phishing

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Welcome to the predatory online scamming world. Fraudulent emails, often containing links or attachments, are dangerous. If it seems too good to be true, it is

Managing your investments over the short and long terms

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Investors often purchase investments that don’t suit their intended time frame. Do your homework, know your risk tolerance and be clear on your expectations

Maximizing the tax free in your TFSA

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) To get the most out of your TFSA, it should likely not be used as a short-term savings account. It should be an integral part of your long-term financial plan

Debt doesn’t always have to be a four-letter word

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Using debt in your financial planning is a good strategy, but exercise caution and discuss all the risks and rewards with your accountant and planner first

Understanding and comparing investment returns

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Keep in mind that, despite new disclosure rules to increase transparency the fee shown on your investment report may not be the total fee you paid for your investments

Canadian students get top marks in financial literacy

PERSONAL FINANCE (Troy Media) It’s important to start talking with your kids about money early and to do it often. The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada can help

Do you have a financial plan or an investment plan?

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) A financial plan is a six-step financial planning process that starts with having an initial meeting with your prospective planner

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