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Gender diversity doesn’t guarantee higher returns

(Troy Media) While gender diversity is a good idea, management should remain focused on how to adapt to new opportunities or potential hazards

Layer your retirement income to minimize your tax bill

GREEN (Troy Media) RRSPs aren’t the only financial vehicle that help you manage your taxes over time

Robo investment advisers can’t replace good financial planners

GREEN (Troy Media) Only a human adviser can explain the implications of your investment decisions

Should you be a Do-It-Yourself investor?

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Your time is valuable, and many people don’t have the willingness or knowledge to tackle the task on their own

Home is where the heart is – and where the costs can pile up

GREEN (Troy Media) When it comes to owning a home versus renting, you can’t just compare the amount of rent you would pay to the amount of a mortgage payment

Diversifying your portfolio in one neat package

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) An ETF is a low-cost mutual-like fund that trades on the stock market, with a significantly different fee structure

The trouble with money

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We crave, mythologize, demonize and fight wars over money. Why can’t we just treat it with respect and maintain harmony in the home?

Taxing professionals no way to grow the economy

POLITICS (Troy Media) The Canadian government has eliminated tax credits without using the resulting revenues to cut rates more broadly

Mainstream media is full of fake news

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) Few realize the extent to which the financial establishment uses fake news to fool the public

Comparing investment returns is a tricky task

Each investor is unique in their goals and personal risk tolerance, so their investment portfolio should be customized to their situation

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