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The soft tyranny of Quebec’s ongoing linguistic crossfire

Quebecers find themselves taking sides in language squabbles their better judgment says are irrelevant to life outside the political bubble (FREE)

A museum opts for happy hippy love bugs instead of honesty

CULTURE (Troy Media) The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts exhibit mythologizes the 1960s by ignoring the dark ugliness masked by all those drug-addled smiles

The stone cold truth: marijuana clouds reality

POLITICS (Troy Media) Contrary to decades of marijuana proponent propaganda, it’s not a drug like alcohol or caffeine. It’s very purpose is intoxication

Finding, within ourselves, the power to forgive

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The new film Hidden Figures goes to the heart of racism in 1960s United States life and illuminates the path to justice through love

Tweeting to “mourn” celebrities a sad commentary of our times

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Using social media to “mourn” the passing of celebrities you never knew makes it all about you, you, you

A refugee reaches out to help Fort McMurray’s displaced

HAMILTON (Troy Media) Part of Basel Abou Hamrah’ desire to help is prompted by a need to give back to Canadians who helped him

Fatuous progressive thought simply self-serving

HAMILTON (Troy Media) Why are so-called progressive thinkers such as Gloria Steinem so afraid of sharing and legitimately debating ideas?

Understanding our deep political differences

HAMILTON (Troy Media) Distorting the true religious sense leaves us with sharp social divides and opens the door to politicians like Donald Trump

Assisted suicide a deadly new form of normal

FREE: The Supreme Court’s Carter decision set the floor, not the ceiling, according to one proponent

Justin Trudeau’s vision of Canada lacks substance and clear intent

FREE: We should not equate change with progress, but we should expect real leadership from our prime minister

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