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Canadian business growth stymied by governments

Red tape, rising taxes, tax reform, increasing minimum wages and other policy initiatives all smother business investment

It is a myth that Canada has a retirement income crisis

OTTAWA (Troy Media) Even after deducting debt of $1.8 trillion, Canadians are left with an accumulated net worth of $7.8 trillion outside the formal pension system

Canada Pension Plan is not ‘low cost’

FREE: Despite its reputation, the cost of the CPP is actually above the average for comparable plans

The duration of slow economic growth greatly exaggerated

FREE CONTENT: Pessimism over growth an overreaction to the current economic environment

Harper was right to cut the GST

FREE! By lowering the rate, the government made the GST more palatable to Canadians and reduced tax evasion

No retirement crisis in Canada

Plans to expand government pensions based on faulty assumptions