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Federal budget is short on innovation or social value

POLITICS (Troy Media) It assumes government is the agent of change and social stability for the middle class – the same philosophy that’s wrongly guided most spending for decades

The party’s over: without ideology, we lack leadership

HAMILTON (Troy Media) Elections are no longer contests of ideas but rather competing marketing campaigns to see who gets to control the state’s levers of coercion

Euphemisms obscure truth about assisted suicide

HAMILTON (Troy Media) We need to take extraordinary care in defining the terms of medically-assisted death in Canada

Is the progressive political movement set to stall?

HAMILTON (Troy Media) Five areas are creating tension within the progressive movement and must be resolved if its role is to continue

Canadian Conservatives need to regain their focus

HAMILTON (Troy Media) From economics to government’s role to the environment, the Conservatives have a lot of work to do if they are to win the next election

2015 election could have far reaching political consequences for Canada

FREE: The 2015 vote could lead to deep uncertainty about how we’ll even choose our Parliament in the future

The emerging post-secular society

FREE: It’s premature to declare the debates led by social conservatives over

It’s time to talk about end of life

FREE CONTENT: Most of us do not have the means of providing palliative care for our loved ones