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Does getting older mean you’re wiser?

Does getting older mean you’re wiser?

BERNIER The untrained, uncontrolled mind can ruin our precious relationships and harden our hearts. Don’t listen to it (FREE with coupon code FREE TRIAL)

How to engage in difficult conversations

How to engage in difficult conversations

WOOD Job-related or personal, we all face these situations. But you can be prepared by practising, being direct, learning to frame the issue and staying calm (FREE to subscribers)

Finding the inner strength to get through a divorce

WOOD (Troy Media) Confidence, direction, соurаgе and reassurance аrе constant companions in your efforts tо mаkе a successful rесоvеrу from divоrсе

How to deal with unreasonable people, and win

WOOD (Troy Media) It’s difficult to deal with idiots but once you recognize the types, you can build strategies to minimize their impact on your life

The trouble with money

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We crave, mythologize, demonize and fight wars over money. Why can’t we just treat it with respect and maintain harmony in the home?

Politics is filled with conflicting opinions, and that’s healthy

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Sure, conflict is uncomfortable. But if we’re not exposed to it occasionally, how will we ever get more comfortable being uncomfortable?

A healthy marriage culture builds a thriving society

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) A healthy marriage contributes to family stability so there’s a need for recovery of the institution. But how?

Satisfaction comes with sharing other people’s joy

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) There are a number of ways to cultivate positive empathy (ability to share other people’s joy): spending time with children and animals, and seeing beauty in art and athletics

Managing boundaries without emotion or nasty payback

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) We’re often reluctant to establish a line when dealing with others because we don’t want to be seen as difficult. So instead we stew in our anger and resentment

How we deal with conflict is all a matter of perspective

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) If our context is limited, the conclusions we make could be misleading. This puts us into unnecessary conflict because we simply don’t gather finer distinctions

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