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To hunt or not to hunt, that is the question

FISHER A true hunter gives the animal a fighting chance. It’s as though the universe has to offer the animal up to the hunter or it just isn’t fair ($$)

Moving on: nature migrates as winter closes in

ROBINSON On the Pacific coast, the fascinating fall movements of whales, salmon and sea ducks have begun ($$)

Saying goodbye to the farm animals is difficult

FISHER You can tell me they’re simple animals and they aren’t thinking anything, but I know better. I’ve seen cows express frustration, sorrow, contentment, delight

Furry fire alarms to the rescue

FISHER: The barn cats prove their value when fire breaks out on the farm, just as they did when the basement flooded

Ottawa’s tax changes could kill family farm

(Troy Media) The federal government’s proposed changes to capital gains rules make it more difficult for a farm to stay in the family

The Accidental Farmwife Tribe is worldwide

FISHER (Troy Media) I’m inspired by the farmwives (real or accidental) who have managed to produce something unique and special from their property’s bounty

A warm Canadian welcome to our international guests

FISHER (Troy Media) International homestays for students are a big business that brings revenues to local school boards

Trying to maintain my alpha status with the dog

(Troy Media) I’ve been trained by a puppy. He has me scheduled and orders me to do his bidding with a simple whine

Wasn’t that a party?

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) A great time was had by all, as was evident by the stray pair of underwear discovered on the lawn by the pool the next morning

The joyful Zen of a well-tended, bountiful garden

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) Having a garden has enriched our diet, our appreciation of the natural world, and our relationships with family, neighbours and guests

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