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Haunted by the past – and social media’s full-throated bellow

MACFADYEN Why did Anthony Rapp not reach out to Kevin Spacey in private and reveal the hurt, confusion and anger this incident engendered? ($$)

Trudeau’s betrayal of Mexico smells of desperation

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Trudeau’s betrayal makes Canadians look like they will turn on their allies, even after they repeatedly said they never would

Crown corporations are the weak link in economic growth

(Troy Media) They lack the discipline of the marketplace and the ambition that comes from a desire to grow and improve to gain profit

Canadians behaving badly abroad, without consequences

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Prominent Canadians who act like jackasses or commit crimes while in other countries shouldn’t be rewarded when they come home

Cornwallis and Ryerson: heroes or villains?

POLITICS (Troy Media) Recognizing that all of us are an amalgam of good deeds and bad attitudes will save us from a ceaseless round of endless moaning about the sins of our ancestors

West complicit in North Korea’s 21st-century slave trade

MICALLEF (Troy Media) Hundreds of thousands of World Cup soccer fans will buy tickets to sit in stadiums being built in Russia and Qatar with slave labour

School board kills diversity without consultation

EDUCATION (Troy Media) There are good reasons not to teach To Kill a Mockingbird, but shielding students from racist language is not one of them

The dilemma of Omar Khadr

POLITICS (Troy Media) The child soldier argument may support Khadr’s repatriation, but whether the Liberal’s decision to pay him $10.5 million is politically wise remains to be seen

Khadr apology and settlement shameful

POLITICS (Troy Media) As many Canadians struggle on public assistance,. imagine how they feel as confessed terrorist Omar Khadr gets $10.5 million from the Trudeau government

Braying and screeching, Alberta style

POLITICS (Troy Media) The outsized Alberta reaction to Justin Trudeau forgetting that province is a prairie-style butt truffle. It’s stupid and it’s meaningless

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