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Bringing clarity to the muddy waters of separatist movements

Bringing clarity to the muddy waters of separatist movements

ROBINSON Canada’s Clarity Act may be the key to managing issues of sovereignty around the world ($$)

Does the Catalonian crisis signal the end of the nation state?

MCGARVEY: Across the globe, a deep and growing frustration with the nationalist status quo is driving regional politics

A minibus ramble through Scottish Highland history

This is part 3 in our series The Orkney islands

As our minibus pulled to a stop, I felt suddenly that my grandmother’s love of the Highland landscape was surrounding us all

The hardships of Orkney link to Canada’s early days

This is part 2 in our series The Orkney islands

ROBINSON (Troy Media) Displaced from their homes, many citizens of the Orkney islands ended up in Canada working for the Hudson Bay Company

Reflection of a Scottish referendum observer

PREMIUM CONTENT Lessons for Canada PEI election monitor David MacKay learned during his stint monitoring the recent referendum

Political lessons from Scotland, Sweden and New Zealand

PREMIUM CONTENT: Reality over hope, the rise of anti-immigration and knowing what you’re doing economically is always a powerful card

Bannockburn and Scottish independence

PREMIUM CONTENT: New state of the art interpretation centre commemorates famous battle 700 years ago this year

Scotland and Quebec dilemma a matter of heart vs. head

PREMIUM CONTENT: A true expression of patriotic aspiration or a calculated business transaction?

Scotland’s referendum has a familiar look for Canadians

PREMIUM CONTENT: But with one crucial difference: there’s no convoluted vagueness in the Scottish ballot question