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Top down government diktats will not curb climate change

OTTAWA (Troy Media) Governments should instead focus on creating the conditions for bottom-up, market-driven technological innovation

Canada’s middle class has never had it so good

FREE FOR MARKETPLACE SUBSCRIBERS: Any Trudeau government middle-class wage growth policy must be based on the evidence

Quebec’s Couillard talks the talk on taxes

FREE! But will he walk the walk?

BC deeper in debt despite claims of balanced budget

FREE! Since 2008/09, B.C.’s net debt has grown to $40.8 billion from $26.2 billion

More deficit spending not the answer for Ottawa

FREE! Research casts serious doubt on the ability of government stimulus spending to boost economic activity

The high cost of preparing your income tax return

Complying with the personal income tax system imposes a significant cost on Canadian households

A new economic agenda for Ontario

What if the province was to fashion a budget that returned it to its historical position as the economic engine of the country?

Ontario usurps California as poster child for bad fiscal management

Every Ontarian owes C$20,166 in government debt compared to US$3,844 for every Californian

Alberta’s budget represents a failure to learn from the past

The picture is far less rosy than the finance minister claims

With Ottawa on track to balance the budget, what comes next?

It’s time for a rigorous debate on how best to use future surpluses

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