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Nowhere to hide from 21st century retribution

Nowhere to hide from 21st century retribution

Righteous indignation and claims to victimhood are instant and valuable weapons in a world driven by social media (FREE)

Haunted by the past – and social media’s full-throated bellow

MACFADYEN Why did Anthony Rapp not reach out to Kevin Spacey in private and reveal the hurt, confusion and anger this incident engendered? ($$)

How school systems respond to the pressure to be inclusive

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) Fundamental to human rights in Canada is access to a public education system that offers choice and quality to the taxpayers who pay for it

A simple mistake shouldn’t lead to public shaming

MACFADYEN (Troy Media) Our society is very quick to throw stones of outrage at anyone who has made a mistake and instantly condemn their failings

Star power loses its lustre when talking politics

TAUBE (Troy Media) Meryl Streep’s misplaced speech at the Golden Globes demonstrates why most conservatives dislike Hollywood

The profane is an antidote to the sacred

PRICE (Troy Media) Students will touch the live wires of taboo because they want to upset the sensibilities of others; besides, acting like an idiot is fun

Does modern progressivism have a fatal flaw?

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) The rise of identity politics puts the focus on petty grievances and champions a group’s narrow interests at the expense of the greater good

Self-righteous yelling ineffective at persuasion

EDUCATION (Troy Media) Trump was the electorate’s middle finger to the self-righteous elites who had nothing to offer but condemnation

The endless ironies of the politically correct

PRICES START AT $8: The mob mentality of the self-righteous knows no bounds

Calgary city council should butt out the vaping ban

FREE: As there is no scientific or health reason to a ban, it all comes down to self-righteousness