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Alberta’s sex-ed showdown

Alberta’s sex-ed showdown

MCGARVEY In a tolerant, civil society, we embrace a diversity of beliefs. But we need to take care that society’s core values aren’t undermined by religious beliefs (FREE to subscribers – Join today. It’s FREE)

Out of the closet, slowly and cautiously

Britain’s 1957 Wolfenden Report was the first step towards changing legal and social perspectives on homosexuality in the English-speaking world

Don’t keep parents in the dark about their child’s transgenderism

DI MUCCIO (Troy Media) A handful of Ontario school boards have decided that parents shouldn’t be told if their child has adopted a transgender identity

Why you need to talk to your teens about sex

MENTAL HEALTH (Troy Media) Early sexual activity puts children at risk of pregnancy and sexually-transmitted diseases – and it can damage them emotionally

NB students blast dress codes as sexist and unevenly applied

PRICE STARTS AT $10: Blowing the lid off covering up

Is it ethical to teach sex education?

HEALTH, EDUCATION: Parents, unfortunately, cannot be relied upon to inform their children about the facts of life

Report promoting Gay-Straight Alliances ignores Canadian law

FREE TO SUBSCRIBERS: GSAs in schools are potentially in violation of laws relating to the corruption of a minor

Putting an end to sexual violence

Listening to and investing in young women can help end barriers for assault survivors getting help

Parents role in their child’s sex education paramount

FREE CONTENT Sexuality education cannot be divorced from values