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Cameras in tow, Trudeau is a polarizing figure

KINSELLA Conservative partisans detest the prime minister because he’s really good at visuals. And conservative politicians generally aren’t ($$)

Big threats to personal privacy in the era of big data

Big threats to personal privacy in the era of big data

The modern politician, even in a democracy, can now be almost certain to know how you voted by adding up what’s known about you (FREE to subscribers)

Nowhere to hide from 21st century retribution

Nowhere to hide from 21st century retribution

Righteous indignation and claims to victimhood are instant and valuable weapons in a world driven by social media (FREE)

Haunted by the past – and social media’s full-throated bellow

MACFADYEN Why did Anthony Rapp not reach out to Kevin Spacey in private and reveal the hurt, confusion and anger this incident engendered? ($$)

The art of brevity, one smiley face at a time

MACFADYEN The millennial hordes taking over the Earth are comfortable with saying little, and embrace the less-is-more method of communication

Break free from the digital echo chamber shaping your perspective

CHIDIAC (Troy Media) Only by broadening our perspectives and asking questions can we understand the world and its diverse people

The Internet’s progeny undermining democracy’s foundations

KINSELLA (Troy Media) Why are Facebook and Twitter permitted to gainfully provide a platform for hatred and lies?

Hanging up on cellphones in classrooms

FISHER (Troy Media) Check your phones and your fidget spinners at the door – and crack open a good old-fashioned book

Your bills will go up – but don’t assume an insidious CRTC plot

(Troy Media) The debate over internet, cable and mobile rates is far more complex than the Twitter universe reflects

ESPN, the Worldwide Leader in overreaction

(Troy Media) So consumed with progressive propriety was the network that it imagined that a few fevered opinions would destroy it

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