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Canada answering the global need for health research

HEALTH (Troy Media) This World Health Day, Canada has much to be proud of, but much more can be done to address a variety of health issues with worldwide implications

Pokémon Go promotes the benefits of exercise

OTTAWA (Troy Media) Pokémon Go is an example of making physical activity enjoyable

Forging a new deal for doctors requires a new approach

OTTAWA (Troy Media) Should we move to a system like that in the U.K., where physicians are paid a salary and work to terms of a contract?

Three ways Canada can help stem the spread of the Zika virus

OTTAWA (Troy Media) We have the knowledge and the resources to help fight the Zika virus, we just need the political will to make a difference

Canada’s health care ministers must spend smarter and negotiate wiser

FREE FOR MARKETPLACE SUBSCRIBERS: Why the new Health Accord could be the Trudeau government’s most significant achievement

It’s time to end Canada’s Ebola visa restrictions

EXCLUSIVE TO SUBSCRIBERS: Removing restrictions would end the ugly shadow of indifference that has affected our country’s reputation

Five things Justin Trudeau could do to get off on the right foot

EXCLUSIVE TO SUBSCRIBERS: Implementing them quickly could make for one very productive — even historic — first day in office

Demoting top public health scientist wrongheaded

FREE CONTENT Stripping power from Chief Public Health Officer more about politics than promoting health