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Three years after Robin Williams death, reporting on suicide still contentious

Three years after Robin Williams death, reporting on suicide still contentious

By choosing not to report on mental health or suicide, journalists only perpetuate the stigma for those living with a mental illness

How Alberta can deal with the ‘silver tsunami’ health-care crisis

(Troy Media) If the NDP is going to lose the next election, the government should just fall on its sword and introduce a sales tax

Life, not death, the path that leads to the feast

PRICE (Troy Media) The claim that suicide makes life meaningful is bizarre and wrong. Suicide is foremost an evacuation of all meaning and potential

Spelling out your end-of-life care expectations

HEALTH (Troy Media) It’s time to expand assisted-dying legislation to include advance directives for dementia. Legally and ethically, they’re the right path forward for Canadians

We can’t be afraid to look into the dark corners of history

We need to learn from the lessons of history when considering assisted dying for those with disabilities – no matter how unsettling that history may be

Tying up the loose ends of life

HEALTH/LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) The first anniversary of legal doctor-assisted suicide muddies the discussion-of-death waters. Preparing for death needs to focus on the completion of living

Community-based programs can help reduce male suicide

MENTAL HEALTH (Troy Media) In Canada, men account for three out of every four suicides – with seven men dying by suicide every day – but our support programs fall short

Justin Trudeau and the tragic things left undone

TORONTO (Troy Media) One year after Trudeau took power, he has failed miserably to protect Aboriginal Canadian children

Hospitals have no conscience, only the people who work in them do

ASSISTED SUICIDE (Troy Media) Publicly-funded Catholic hospitals have no institutional claim to Freedom of Religion

Don’t turn away when you see potential for suicide in others

KELOWNA (Troy Media) As many as 90% of people who commit suicide experience depression, substance abuse or other mental health disorders

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