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Five ways small business is taking a tax blow to the head

Wouldn’t it be better to encourage small business ownership than punish it?

Trudeau a true believer in the nanny state

(Troy Media) Thinks Canadians can only achieve better lives by becoming dependent on government

Trudeau’s small business tax grab will hit Atlantic Canada hard

(Troy Media) Ottawa’s plan is confiscatory and destructive for a region where everyone already pays far too much in tax

The new digital economy will force a tax revolution

MCGARVEY (Troy Media) The industrial-era tax system is quickly becoming obsolete

Trudeau’s tax cutting rhetoric doesn’t match reality

(Troy Media) The government has raised income taxes on the majority of middle-class Canadian families, despite repeated claims of the opposite

Courting Amazon: the ends don’t always justify the means

(Troy Media) Incentive packages often include tax breaks on property, income or permit exemptions – and taxpayers pay the freight

Tax reforms will put the brakes on economic growth

(Troy Media) Professionals, farmers and entrepreneurs are paying their fair share; raising their taxes will dampen investment and risk-taking

Clueless Trudeau government botches tax reform

(Troy Media) The amount of taxes extracted from working Canadians driven by “modest deficits” spiralling out of control

Planned federal tax hikes could cripple growth

(Troy Media) Tax reform proposals will discourage the kind of investment and risk-taking needed to expand Canada’s economy

Ontario, Alberta carbon tax schemes defy economic common sense

(Troy Media) Carbon taxes should replace, not add to, existing environmental regulations and subsidies

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