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Future work: intelligence everywhere but few humans on the job

The next decade will see unprecedented changes in the workforce. Jobs will vanish and new jobs won’t at all resemble those they replace (FREE)

Solving the identity theft puzzle will take teamwork

Solving the identity theft puzzle will take teamwork

Collaboration among business and all levels of government can mean more secure transactions and a significant drop in identity theft (FREE to subscribers)

The AI tipping point much closer than you think

The self-play, self-training concept of the AlphaGo Zero software provides a glimpse into the future of artificial intelligence (FREE)

Don’t rely on governments to spur technological breakthroughs

Governments only role should be to ensure that intellectual property (IP) rights are protected (FREE!)

The ever-growing burden of technology on our lives

The ever-growing burden of technology on our lives

BONNER Increasingly, cities are complicated systems. The thought of traffic lights, 911 calls, transit and hospitals all going haywire at once is really scary (FREE TRIAL with coupon)

The technology trap: only the vigilant will survive

CYBER SECURITY: A lack of care can be catastrophic in the cyber world (just ask Equifax). And the lessons learned apply to us all

Driverless pizza delivery, at – or near – your doorstep

(Troy Media) Driverless home deliveries can’t come soon enough for the food service industry. Simplified delivery is a key expansion strategy

Adding quality audio to your smartphone videos

(Troy Media) With the low-cost iRig Mic Lav, audio pickup is always just a few inches from your mouth

Preparing for inevitable technological disruption

(Troy Media) Practical steps we can take today to prepare for the technological disruptions of tomorrow

Maintaining a sense of purpose in a changing workplace

LIFESTYLE (Troy Media) While it is easy to blame globalization for the job losses, the real culprits are increased automation and investment in software

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