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Trudeau’s Asian trip a diplomatic and trade disaster

Trudeau’s Asian trip a diplomatic and trade disaster

DI MUCCIO The PM had a chance to join a global effort to protect Canadian research and innovation, but he failed. And that wasn’t his only failure ($$)

Trudeau stands tall in Asia by rejecting the status quo

Trudeau stands tall in Asia by rejecting the status quo

MCGARVEY By rejecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trudeau is signalling that globalization has abandoned some key principles and must be fixed (FREE to subscribers)

Dissecting Trudeau’s Trans-Pacific tap dance

Dissecting Trudeau’s Trans-Pacific tap dance

TAUBE Was the prime minister simply late to a critical meeting on the trade deal or did he attempt to sabotage it? ($$)

Western Canadian silence will hurt our trade opportunities, again

BUSINESS/POLITICS (Troy Media) Oh, the irony! With their withdrawal from the TPP, and after doing all the hard work, the Americans are handing us their market share under TPP 11

The TPP is simply a Corporate Bill of Rights

FREE: Most of the governments involved have no real idea how their country’s economy and social systems will be affected by Trans Pacific Partnership

ISDS a potential ICBM on sovereignty

PREMIUM $$ CONTENT: International trade deals could turn nations into branch offices

The TPP needs a better sales pitch

EXCLUSIVE TO SUBSCRIBERS: The Trudeau government will need to use some of its newly-acquired political capital to ensure that Canada is squarely in the TPP tent

Western Canada wants out – into the world’s markets

EXCLUSIVE SUBSCRIBER CONTENT: But not out of Canada. Rather, western Canada wants to compete in the world for market share. 654 words

New TPP trade deal offers huge long-term gain

FREE TRIAL for subscribers (Subscribe for FREE): Freer trade under the TPP will lower tariffs barriers, open up new markets, and provide new customers to Canadian producers

TPP an economic opportunity, not a guarantee of economic success

FREE: The TPP will open new doors for Canadian exports and create significant international trade opportunities

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