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Time to call out airlines on passenger-bumping policies

NEIMAN (Troy Media) It’s rather odd that journalists have so willingly accepted airlines’ assertion that their policies of overselling seats on flights should be normal

Travelling during tough economic times

TRAVEL (Troy Media) A majority of travellers say they continue to travel even during tough economic times, although they do become more cost conscious

Stretch your travel transportation budget

FRUGAL TRAVELLER (Troy Media) Transportation is often the largest part of the cost of a trip – especially if you are flying. What can you do to try to stretch your travel budget?

A guide to understanding the hotel star system

TRAVEL TIP (Troy Media) About the only thing that hotel ratings have in common are their confusing star systems

How to decipher those confusing hotel meal plans

TRAVEL TIP (Troy Media) American Plan, Modified American Plan, European Plan, Half board? What does it all mean?

Our tips to stretch your travel accommodation budget

TRAVEL TIP (Troy Media) Rather than skipping a vacation, cut a few corners and travel a little smarter by eating and sleeping cheaper

How to stretch your travel food budget

TRAVEL TIP (Troy Media) There are lots of little ways you can save on food when you’re travelling

How to choose a travel guidebook

TRAVEL (Troy Media) Before choosing a travel guidebook, think about what the focus of your trip will be

‘Cheap’ hotels a great way to save

TRAVEL (Troy Media) Keep in mind that cheap hotels come in all kinds of packages, and you should be able to find a nice cheap hotel that you can live with

Volunteer vacations close to home

TRAVEL (Troy Media) Volunteer close to home first to help you find the right niche if you do decide to go on to a longer volunteer vacation

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