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How to spark entrepreneurship in students

Students should be encouraged to think beyond their own thesis research project and consider other options – such as entrepreneurship – for their career (FREE to members)

The case for HPV vaccinations for all Canadian children

HEALTH (Troy Media) The disparity in HPV cancer prevention and care is unacceptable. A huge gap in vaccinations exists in Canada’s North

Electoral reform by any other name is still progress

POLITICS (Troy Media) Relax party discipline to dent the iron control of a majority government, forcing it to make compromises and behave less like a dictatorship

How grad students can help diversify Alberta’s economy

BUSINESS (Troy Media) We need to support Alberta’s students as they make prototypes, file patents, pursue market analysis, prepare business plans and raise venture capital

Mentorship programs for troubled youth foster respect for others

HEALTH (Troy Media) Canadian governments should be investing in youth mentorship programs to help build an inclusive, supportive and more progressive society

Putting a higher value on higher learning

EDUCATION: Graduate schools must encourage students to evaluate their competencies and appreciate how those skills will help them pursue non-academic careers

How being politically correct can muddy complex waters

POLITICS (Troy Media) University of Calgary’s “cultural engagement” guidelines bear little resemblance to the complex relationship that existed between aboriginals and later immigrants

Defusing the ticking time bomb of postpartum depression

HEALTH (Troy Media) The biggest predictors of postpartum depression are prenatal depression and a history of depression before conception

Why is it so hard for mothers to breastfeed in Canada?

HEALTH (Troy Media) Members of the public can help by supporting women’s right to breastfeed in public and demanding baby-friendly standards in health-care settings

Parliament debating legislation to curb genetic discrimination

POLITICS (Troy Media) While genome analysis can alter the very practice of medicine, there is a fear it can be used to discriminate on the ground of genetic characteristics

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