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Do you have a financial plan or an investment plan?

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) A financial plan is a six-step financial planning process that starts with having an initial meeting with your prospective planner

Protect yourself from the unexpected realities of life

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Seek professional help if your financial plan doesn’t protect you from the four Ds: death, divorce, disability and disaster

Paying a high price for success, even after you die

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) There’s no hiding from the success tax, but several things can help legally reduce or even eliminate the amount your estate or your heirs pay

If you won’t do it for the planet, do it for the money

NEIMAN (Troy Media) Since the threat of climate change isn’t working, maybe the high cost of driving will persuade more Canadians to change their ways

Start your 2017 tax planning now

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Prepare for RRSP and TFSA contributions, set aside money for taxes, save and organize receipts, track medical expenses and record any moving costs

The financial road less travelled still offers a trustworthy route

This is part 3 in our series Invest your TFSAs

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Control your own financial destiny by doing your homework, finding boutique advisers and using your TFSA to its maximum potential

Protecting yourself and your assets

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Introducing a new column: New Troy Media columnist Bill Green helps you manage your affairs and make the most out of your money today and in the future

Your financial adviser’s interests may not align with yours

This is part 2 in our series Invest your TFSAs

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) Do your homework. Look with a critical eye at your service providers. After all, it is your money

Why don’t Canadian fund managers invest in their own country?

BUSINESS (Troy Media) Why do Canadian governments look for investment help abroad? And why won’t Canadian fund managers invest in homegrown projects?

Tax free savings accounts: controlling your financial destiny

This is part 1 in our series Invest your TFSAs

YOUR MONEY (Troy Media) The first of a two-part series: too few Canadians know they can use TFSA funds to invest in ventures that could bring big gains (and cost nothing in tax)

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